Choosing the right building contractor?

Choosing the right builder

You've saved for so long in order to achieve your dream property, but who can you trust with your money and your home!
We hear all to often about "Cowboy Builders" and "Dodgy Builders" ruining lives and destroying homes. I wish as building contractors ourselves we could say that these people don't exist, but, unfortunately they do. We often hear stories from our customers of previous experiences with builders and are left shocked by what we see and hear. We would love to change this dark side of the industry in which we work, but lets face it, we cannot. We can only ensure that we stand out from the rest by consistently delivering time & time again.

Top tips for choosing the right builder:
1) Speak with friends and familyIf your friends and family are happy to refer somebody to you, chances are, you are probably off to a good start. However, see what work they completed, is it similar to what you are needing?

2) Speak with local builders merchants
If you are feeling brave then pop into the merchants. They have long standing working relationships with most local reputable builders. If you went in a said " i want to build a new house locally, who would you recommend" they will know their customers. Lets face it, they won't be recommending the "Cowboy" that doesn't pay his bills...

3) Be clear about the work you are wanting to have completed
Being precise with your specification and expectations helps everyone. Use an architect if necessary.

4) Obtaining quotations
Your quotation should be neatly presented and include a detailed explanation of all aspects of work outlined in your specification. This is a must in our opinion to ensure that both parties are happy with what is required, included and excluded from prices agreed.

5) Making your decision
You should be comfortable around your chosen contractor, their understanding of your needs and their expected time to complete the work. Ask for a schedule of works so you know what is happening and when(this may change, but generally the order of works remains the same). We believe that building is exciting and you should also feel excited & happy about the world you are going to undertake and who you choose to do it. Most importantly, excellent builders are often booked for months in advance. Start your search for a contractor early and don't rush your decision.