Obtaining Quotations

Obtaining a comparable quotation for building works can prove challenging for our clients.  We encourage customers to speak with other contractors to ensure they have a range of quotations before making a decision on who to award a contract. 

“Comparing apples with apples”

This process can be challenging as your understanding and expectations of the proposed works will change as you speak with contractors.  We find that unless you have a structured specification of works, “Contractor A” who you speak with first will be pricing for something different to “Contractor B” who you speak with next. 

Providing a specification of works, whether it be comprehensive and detailed from an architect or your own list of 10-100+ items will ensure that a benchmark is set. This allows everyone to provide a quotation for the same work and you the opportunity to compare like for like.

If you are using an architect for your project, they may offer to compile a specification of works as part of a package or an additional service once your drawings and plans have been completed. If we are completing a design and build package ourselves, we would generate a specification of works for your approval and then a fixed price quotation.


Every project comes with dozens of decisions for our customers. Some are easy, such as “brickwork to match existing”, “roof tiles to match existing” whilst others take time and consideration.

We understand that choosing new wall colours, flooring and lighting can be difficult with so many options available. If you are undecided at the time of a quotation, it is best to include something rather than nothing so you have a better understanding of the project cost. In this scenario, we would include items such as “25 sqm carpet supplied and installed £1234.56 - carpet price based on £12.34 per sqm”.  Therefore the base cost is determined and you have built a realistic budget to carry forward.


You should be in no doubt over what is included and what is not within a quotation. For this reason, our quotations will always be comprehensive, neatly presented and itemised. Dependent on the project, our quotations will vary from 1 page to 25+ and will never appear as a “lump sum” and certainly never "on the back of a fag packet".  Most projects whether it be a small extension or a new home will take several weeks of attention from one of us to complete. We will always price to win a contract and for this reason you will have our full attention from day one.